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Schools workshops

‘Hikaru’ is a young reader novel written to enrich the learning of beliefs about Jesus.

1. KS2 – ‘Love for reading’ workshops discussing creativity and the use and worth of allegorical storytelling.

2. KS3—Resilience Workshop, where the students hear extracts from the story and explore the characters’ struggles. This workshop is also effective in inspiring young people to read, and it includes an element of allegorical storytelling, with a particular focus on the Christian faith.

3. KS4—This workshop is less about the book and more about Christians’ beliefs about Jesus. In it, we discuss a Christian’s real-life experience and why belief in Jesus drove me to write the book.

Educations Endorsements

KS2 workshop student feedback

John’s workshop was super, because we got to do a few activities (my favourite was creating our own characters), and we also learned about his book, Hikaru – the name above all names. He also read a sneak peak of the book, and after, we got a copy of act 1- Legend of the key! Student

I really enjoyed John’s workshop because he made it fun and lively by getting us to predict the characters personality. He also asked us to create our own characters. He put us into groups and we did activities together. His book was absolutely amazing. Student

KS3 workshop teacher feedback

“This was an incredibly valuable interactive workshop, and I personally enjoyed the sessions. The materials were outstanding, your teaching is clear, beautifully illustrated naturally, and nicely idiosyncratic. I also really appreciated hearing about your creative process – the journey you have been on in writing this book and I am sure this will resonate with the students about the power of resilience. Thanks again for coming to share with us at TTS.”

KS4 workshop teacher feedback

“John came to HLC to deliver a GCSE revision session called God Reached Down. My students are studying the Edexcel Religious Studies B course which requires students to be comfortable with theologically difficult concepts such as redemption, atonement and salvation. John’s personable manner and clear enthusiasm for the content really engaged my class from the off. John used easy to understand, practical examples to explain, at times, complex beliefs about Jesus Christ and his importance to modern day Christians. Not forgetting the interactive nature of the session, my class came away with a broader understanding of Christian belief. We look forward to welcoming John back in the future.”

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Hikaru is a young reader novel, written as an allegory of the Christian faith, a gift for families looking for ways to share Jesus at home. Hikaru is a saga that culminates in a presentation of the Gospel, written as a letter from the author.

There’s a legend in the Eternal Dimension about a king. 

One who will rule all the dimensions, bringing them together into one perfect place for everyone to live. It’s said the King of the Eternal Dimension will be called the “name above all names.” No-one knows where this legend came from, but many have theories and tell stories of ancient magic and wisdom. 

Some say the legend was passed through the royal family line to Kana, Hikaru and Seirei. Of course, some think it was all made up and passed around in campfire stories. Still others tell of a far stranger tale. 

To the warriors who serve Kana, Hikaru and Seirei, the legend is a fun pastime, a spooky story to tell at night around a fire; but Kana and her siblings know the truth. They don’t talk about it openly, but the siblings hear the words clearly. Sometimes to them it sounds like a call to action, but often it feels like a warning; like a darkness calling them out, taunting them to war.

The Book

  • ISBN: 9781399966238
  • Imprint: Catalyst Youth Trust Publishing
  • Size: 5.25 x 8inch
  • Page count: 348
  • Weight: 430g
  • Cover: Matte finish
  • Interior: Black and White on cream paper
  • Age: Young Reader (8 – 14)
  • Images: 70 including 2 full graphic novel double spreads


Amazon shoppers will receive an Amazon printed version of Hikaru; however, bookshops will receive a premium version of Hikaru, supplied by BPUK. It is our opinion that the BPUK version of Hikaru is of higher quality.

Bookshops will be sent an A4 Hikaru bookstand with orders of 5 or more books.

Retail Endorsements

“I loved this book from beginning to end!  I found myself completely gripped by the story, wondering – along with each character – whether evil would triumph or good would win… and at what personal cost?  I recommend you jump into Hikaru’s world and see for yourself!  If you are thinking of buying this book for a younger person you may know, I encourage you to do it.  John has a stunningly creative way of retelling the Gospel in a way that stirs curiosity about a bigger Story we each find ourselves in.  You may find that Hikaru helps to create conversations about both!”

Darin Stevens: Director: Start to Stir

“Hikaru is a great series of stories written in an informal, chatty way ideal for children and teens. It is written in a fictional fantasy style and explores the biblical narrative in both subtle and more obvious ways, which opens the door to conversation and exploration of the themes the book raises. It is a great resource for Christians and those with no faith background at all. Hikaru can be read on your own, explored in a group and even used in school. John excels again in his ability to create captivating stories that hold the audience so well. I highly recommend it.”

Paul Friend: Director: South West Youth Ministries

“As the leader of Converge, the global youth movement of the World Evangelical Alliance, it is my role to identify, connect and encourage innovative and fruitful practitioners engaged in reaching and discipling NextGen globally for Christ. There are many challenges. Some are obvious: geographically, culturally or politically. Some are less obvious, and consequently generate less attention and creative thinking and response. This latter category includes youth inhabiting the virtual or alternative reality spaces, such as esports and gamers, the meta verse and, whether digitally engaged or not, the anime community. And of these, it is probably the anime we struggle to respond to most. 

For this reason, I really commend Hikaru to you. I don’t fully get it, but I would be concerned if I did. It isn’t my world, and there is little typical about it. Having said that, there are plenty who do get it and will know what to do with it. In fact any effective youth worker will have been trying to work out how to engage with youth who don’t fall neatly into the traditional boxes, and will not only welcome Hikaru but have ideas of who to give it too. Once out there in the anime community I’d hope news of Hikaru should spread organically. 

We need visionary publishers ready to engage alternative communities, and I’d encourage you to give Hikaru due consideration.” 

Colin Piper. World Evangelical Alliance

“John Prockter is one of the most creative writers and thinkers I know.”

Martin Saunders: Director of Innovation & Satellites Festival: Youthscape

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